Service of Tenebrae

Tenebrae –  A Service of Shadows

Good Friday Service

The Service of Tenebrae guides our service with perspective of the cross.  At each step a candle is extinguished leading us to the sorrow and darkness of the tomb of Christ.  The emphasis this year focuses upon “The Nails of the Cross.”  Seeing our own connection to those emblems of Christ’s suffering, have we been guilty of Pride, Betrayal, Envy, Indecision, Cruelty, Hatred or even a general disregard of Christ seeking us as his own people?

It’s our opportunity for a renewed experience of the Living Christ.  Tired of the same old rituals of striving for God’s approval?  Come and experience the joy of mercy and pardon.  Let his love bring life to those empty places within you.

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2015 Good Friday Tenebrae Service            2016 Good Friday Tenebrae Service