Service of Healing (On Hold)

Dr. Steve Minor held our first Service of Healing on Sunday, June 5, 2011 immediately following our regular worship service. Three strands of discussion within our church brought this together; Dr. Minor had recently held a Bible Study on Prayer and Healing, our Elders’ discussions on their duties as expressed in James 5:14 and the Education Committee. Such coordinated consideration told us that we needed to follow through with this.

During our winter months, October through May, this special service continues to be held on the first Sunday of each month immediately following our regular worship services. This has proved to be a very humble time of seeking God’s care for our needs. Dr. Minor begins this short service with a song, sharing of scripture and a short devotional on the healing work of Jesus. Individuals are then invited to come forward one at a time and the Pastor and several Elders pray for the need. These needs may involve physical ailment, an impending surgery, emotional distress, or even intercessory prayer for someone else. Others within the congregation are also encouraged to come even if they do not have a particular need of healing so that they may pray from their pew for those needing a special touch of God’s care. These services may last only 10 to 15 minutes or a little longer depending on the needs of that day.

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