Dr. Steve Minor, Minister

Dr. Steve Minor came to Sun City Christian Church in June 2008 from the Midwest.
Dr. Steve earned his doctorate from Eden Theological Seminary in St. Easter Dr Steve Preaching border photoLouis, Missouri. He taught New Testament Greek and Old Testament Hebrew at Lincoln Christian College/Seminary in Lincoln, Illinois.

A certified Conflict Mediator, he has consulted with churches in need, as well as leading workshops on Conflict Escalation and Management, Constructive Change and Transition, Clergy Burnout and Healing for Wounded Churches. He has also led regional workshops on Innovative Worship, Evangelism and Church Leadership.

In Dr. Steve’s own words; “Our fellowship here at Sun City Christian Church has worked hard to achieve a warm and satisfying atmosphere of positive regard. We have learned that God has great expectations for his church and that we are not here simply for our own sakes, but to enable others to find personal healing and a place where they might find purpose in life.

We believe that everyone has an innate desire to connect and find peace with God. For some this is a smooth and refreshing journey. For others this journey provides the chance to process their faith journey and take inventory of where and how they stand with God. Wherever you may find yourself in that spectrum please know that you are welcome.

I hope you take the time to join us in worship this coming Sunday. Finding our place with God is the most important thing we can do in life. Doing so in worship and fellowship with other seekers is a great way to find the love and strength of God.”

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  1. I am a welcomed student of Dr. Steve’s Bible Study group. My wife is a member of his Church; I am not. But I consider being a student under him a divine privilege. I thoroughly enjoy the love of God in our studying and sharing of His Word. Dr. Minor is a gifted teacher / preacher, anointed to bless and lead anyone to our Savior through the Word of God. I love him and his wife, and all of the Christian workers associated with their church. If you are looking for a loving place to experience the genuine love of God, make your way to Sun City Christian Church. You will be glad you took the time to visit and get loved on.


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